Attitude and Ring tone

Your Ring Tone Attitude

in between

Your indifference is NOT what you want to expose, but THAT is getting exposed without your knowledge because of your bad selection of ring tones of your mobile.

The way you answer your phone; the way you walk; the way you play the music in your mobile and the way you are attached to your Face Book page – all these at some stage at some crucial time, suddenly becomes major issues and talking points at higher level about YOU.

ring tone

Mobile / Phone:
The ring tones of some mobiles are truly irritating – because of its sound and the music /song itself. One should select a right volume and healthy tune for both when you receive the call and when others receive your call. The usual Bhajan or Ghazal or latest love song etc., are appropriate for a fruit vendor or milk-man or paper boy or carpenter or on the upper level a movie star or theater owner etc. But when it comes to people who are part of an office administration or customer care service or marketing or accountant or designer or software developer – he should know and realize that there are people like him/her around the hall doing some more important assignments. The tune should not make people from other cubicles to raise their heads and look at you. Like your personality the ring tone speaks volumes about your attitude.

The ring tone, your mobile is sending when  some one calls you is one thing you should choose in a very calculative way. Remember that when some one calls you – you may not lift the phone immediately – then they receive the music instead of a ring – and if that music is like an intimate love song or drums or flock song – they usually keep their mobile at a distance and wait for you to lift the phone and answer. This selection of ring also speaks about your personality and attitude. One should not change these tones as they are specific for an individual. Keep simple ring so, no body bothers. But again there is a Bhajan or love song – they gets irritated. The young and upcoming young people who would like to present their personality in a different way to the out side world should take extra care while selecting both incoming and outgoing ring tones of your mobile. Control the volume so that others will not be disturbed easily. Never change the ring tones (when the tone is nice or no tone but ring) so it gets branded that such and such ring is yours)


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